My very core is “justice”

It is my essence.  The one thing that stuck with me throughout my childhood, wasn’t the fun I had with my bestie, although that is standout.  It wasn’t my parents divorcing, although that was life changing and traumatic.  It was the injustice I felt over Arthur Allan Thomas.  Even as a young girl, I did not believe he did it.

Funnily enough, when I was a victim of crime, and over a year later had to appear in court as a witness to that crime, I was moved from my room  beside the court room to a room further away from the Court room so I couldn’t hear what was being said in that court room.  In my room further away from the court room, there was a newspaper, about Arthur Allan Thomas and the affects his incarceration and conviction had had on his daughter Rochelle.  Rochelle was left, as a baby, in her cot, while her parents had been murdered and until the murder was discovered.  She was roughly the same as myself and maybe it was this, that gave me connection to this particular crime, but I don’t believe so.

When Arthur was pardoned in December 1979, I felt the injustice.  I really felt the injustice.  I was 9 years old.  Throughout my life, I always imagined how terrible it would be to be falsely accused.  It was like some bizarre premonition of an experience that I was bound to.  When someone has sworn in an affidavit, to an event that did not happen, and believed by the Courts, by judges and by lawyers including (for the child), I was right there in that place of false accusation.  It wasn’t murder, but it was perjury.  I was told by Police that perjury is right up there with murder.  Yet my guy wasn’t charged with perjury, he was charged with falsifying a document for pecuniary gain.  Perjury (lying to the court), it appears is too big for Police to handle, or the courts for that matter.

So Arthur Allan Thomas was pardoned because “a Royal Commission of Inquiry was established, headed by retired New South Wales Justice Robert Taylor. It declared Thomas to have been wrongfully charged and convicted and found that among other improprieties, police had planted a .22 rifle cartridge case in the garden of the house in which the murders were committed. The case was found four months and ten days after the area had already been subjected to one of the most intensive police searches ever undertaken. The cartridge case was said to have come from a rifle belonging to Thomas. However, the police tested only 64 rifles in an area where this weapon was common and found that two, including the one belonging to Thomas – could have fired the cartridge case found in the garden. That was the link to the deaths of the Crewes although it was later admitted that the case was “clean” and uncorroded when it was found. As such, the condition of the case was inconsistent with having lain in the garden, exposed to weather and dirt for more than four months.”, ..but there was

“No action against police officers

The commission report said: “Mr Hutton and Mr [Len] Johnston planted the shell case… and they did so to manufacture evidence that Mr Thomas’ rifle had been used for the killings.” The Solicitor-General recommended against prosecuting the officers because of insufficient evidence. Both officers have since died.”  Death is convenient, isn’t it Grace Haden?

I know what it is like to have someone plant evidence, that person, Michael Downey, was not a police officer.  He was, in fact, a dirty low life lying, stealing criminal.  Yet he turned the entire legal system against me.  The deep dark journey that is perjury (in no uncertain terms), is hell itself.  It is so evil that there are not words enough to describe it.  A judge ruled I evaded service which was seen as despicable and that is how the court viewed me.  The truth was, a scum bag lied and that placed me in that illusion.  His delusion was seen as truth.  The beautiful truth is that Truth always shows up, sometimes however, it takes long.

When Police lie, that’s a whole new kettle… the gut wrenching thing for me, is I know it.  I have “shaken hands” with a certain Inspector whose “grip” I would liken to squeezing a mashed banana.  He treated me like a criminal.  My very essence is justice and obtaining justice for those who seek it.  I saw, with blinding vision, that if I were to become a Police officer that would fulfill my passion…

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why not?

“No court has had the opportunity to evaluate the conduct of the Police.”

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Empathy (the ode kind)

I put on a different pair of shoes today

they were, heavily scuffed on the inside heal

I wanted to know how they would feel

they were too big, I was scared and didn’t know if I could be in them.

I walked around the bustling town…

Two sun kissed girls walked by me, whispering and laughing

The summer day was almost too hot to bear,

I wiped my brow, sweat stinging my unclear complexion

I dragged my feet, my head was down

I wished my Mum was still around

She loved me, no matter how I looked

Nobody else does

I am alone with no-one to care, sometimes they stare.

Do you know who I am?

If you only smiled, it would make my day

But I think I shall just fade away

Back in the cool of my old run down house

I slipped out of the shoes

I walked back into town.

I saw the guy who scuffed his heals, with a spotty face

and I smiled and said hello

that was ten years ago today

Did he pass away, or did he live another day?

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Here is a word that may be on your lips, or it may be something you have never thought about.  Is “empathy” a chemical reaction, an emotion, or is it simply learned behaviour?  I’m not an expert, however I consider it to be a mix of all three. Let us start by looking at the word:


How often does the average person practice empathy?  I have perhaps answered my own question in the preceding sentence.  Let’s suppose that the ability to understand empathy is to practice it.

I have written extensively on New Zealand’s “justice” system and have come to a firm conclusion that this is perhaps the key to major change within it.  At the outset of proceedings against me, I was attacked and lied about by way of abusive litigation.  It was my understanding that litigation was a last resort.  However, I have witnessed that those utilising the family court system are not using it as a last resort, they are straight in just like Flynn.  Are lawyers advising alternative methods, other than litigation to resolve disputes or are disgruntled rich people using the Courts as a means of silence and a means to get what they want?

Put yourself in my shoes.  Picture this: I was at home with my then four year old son, making biscuits and cake for my other four children for when they came home from school, when there was a knock at my sliding door.  It was Mike Downey (criminal “document server”), who did actually serve the documents on me, on that occasion and WHAM my world changed. Brutal and insidious family court litigation attacked me!

There was no letter from the applicants lawyers suggesting resolve through mediation, there was no request whatsoever to see my son.  Litigation was the very first action.  The way I look at it, if I wanted to see a family member whom I had fallen out with, my first step would be a telephone call or a letter requesting to meet, from there I would wait a little, then I would try again.  By no means would I slanderously attack a person and expect resolve.  In short, in that regard the outcome was what they deserved.  Nothing!

Life has its way of dealing with bad decisions.  I have learned that the hard way.  The harsh reality is that I NEVER want to be involved with the New Zealand “Family” Court system ever again!  Until, it is an empathetic system which seeks “fairness” over legalities, it is never going to be a good or just system.  It is unfortunate that money, rather than common sense, rules New Zealand’s Family Court.    Perhaps we need to go to the outcome to determine the proceedings.  For example what is the desired outcome for both parties and work backward from there.  A simple explanation of how each party feels may provide a feeling of empathy, unless of course one party is sociopathic, and in  actual proven fact, does not have the ability to impart empathy.  Perhaps more than any other practice on the planet, we start by returning to the practice and every day teaching of empathy… just a thought.

I do not believe that Court is the institution for resolving “family” matters.  The court system is ludicrously expensive and is no way conducive to ordinary family life.



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Vivienne Holm wants a practicing certificate – Really?

“Vivienne Holm seeks a new practicing certificate

vivienne-holmYesterday I was approached by Net safe , who on behalf of Vivienne Holm sought changes to  former  blog posts  because Vivienne after holding a practicing certificate for  the past 10 years suddenly cant get one because of  something that was written   many years ago . Vivienne   is seeking  changes to the blog.   We are happy to make corrections  but  there is nothing to correct .   we are interested however in  addressing   injustices  and  if she feels that the comment   is an injustice then she can assit in correcting a far greater injustice  before we  look at the perception she has of tiny little one .

Summary  of Blogs which mention Vivienne

About AWINZ – Animal welfare institute of New Zealand  see also my affidavit

Intimidation by Vivienne HOLM ( Vivienne Parre ) ( Vivienne Wright )

Talking Works Tom Didovich!

How could A non existent private law enforcement authority survive for so long? Why condone corruption in Waitakere City?

Open letter to Wyn Hoadley councillor TCDC

Did David Neutze check the facts before he acted?

Is Wyn Hoadley fit to be a Lawyer, A trustee or a councillor?

How to get your litigation funded through the public purse

More submissions

The following is my response to Net safe  ,  The fact that Vivienne  and Malcolm North who has been  harassing me,   both worked at the ministry of social development   is a fact that is not  lost on me .

….Thank you net safe 

The animal welfare Institute of New Zealand (AWINZ )  had law enforcement powers  which it obtained after  an application was made   to the then  minister  of agriculture on 22 November 1999 .

A blank trust deed  had been attached to the application made by Neil Edward wells a barrister .

In reality ,No trust existed  and  no entity existed but the government  gave  AWINZ wide sweeping law enforcement powers akin to those held by the RNZSPCA, which includes search and seizure and ability to  fine people .

Neil Wells who applied on behalf of AWINZ had written the   no 1 bill for the  new Animal welfare act  and had inserted the  sections to  facilitate the application he subsequently made   and  he  also advised on  the act  as “independent advisor” to the select committee without declaring his obvious conflict of interest of writing an act  to facilitate his own business plan

In March 2006  an  employee  of Waitakere city council   Lynne McDonald ( the bird lady ) approached me with the concern that she, a dog control officer,  was required to  “ volunteer “ her council paid time to AWINZ and prioritise animal welfare over   dog control . The building at  the council  had been   rebranded   and  Neil wells her council manager from 2005  was the only person operating AWINZ   for which he used a logo which was  identical to the new branding of the council building .

Maf at the time of an audit acknowledged that the two   entities appeared to  merge and it was difficult to see where  one   began and the other finished.  The council on the other  hand denied that AWINZ operated from their premises . This  was  in reality a massive public fraud  using   public office for private pecuniary gain.

To prove that AWINZ  did not exist  several of us incorporated the name Animal Welfare institute of New Zealand  .It is impossible to incorporate the  identical name of  an entity, we were successful  there by conclusively proving that  AWINZ  the law enforcement authority did not exist .

Vivienne Holm @ Vivienne Parr @ Vivienne Wright   Phoned me late at night and made threats  against my Private investigators licence  and there by my income and livelihood.  She demanded that we had to give up the name AWINZ  when intimidation did not work Her then husband  Nick wright then   took over the matter  as Vivienne at the time  was working as a law clerk .

I called at her address to discuss a resolution and was promptly served with a trespass notice.

Now it has always puzzled me   why a Law clerk was instructed , surely that is not usual  and  why was her   first port of call  be an intimidating phone call late on a Friday night .. I thought that  a legitmaley instructed   person would use more transparent means  rather than acting like a thug.

After her husband  , a resource management lawyer  , became involved Threats of legal action were made  and out of the blue a trust deed materialised.

I was to find that the trust deed  dated 1.3.2000   had been signed when the  then dog control manager at Waitakere city council, Tom Didovich  visited the   various people who thought they were trustees.

However  they never met  never passed a resolution and certainly were not involved in the application  for the  “ approved organisation’  under section 121 of the animal welfare act  ( which Neil wells had had such a massive part in ), the trust they  were allegedly involved in held no assets  and  after  three years the trustees who  still had not met  were not reappointed, hence this was a totally sham trust

Nick Wright took me to court for defamation ,  for saying that AWINZ was a sham trust, which it was  and has proved to be . The defamation was allegedly of Neil Wells  , I was denied the right  to a  statutory defence of truth and honest opinion and no finding has ever been made that I defamed Neil wells  but I had to pay  some $100,000 to him and his  lawyer  all   for  being a whistle-blower on serious corruption .

This  went on for  some 10 years  the object was to bankrupt me . Neil wells in an email to MAF in 2007    said that this was his objective , he certainly tried hard enough

Nick wright  who is reputedly the “Auckland lawyer who had “fallen on hard times”( has  ceased practicing   and Brookfields continued  their attack on me, I can only guess that if they had done the decent thing they  would have seen some notable  lawyers  struck off  for not checking the facts  before  filing matters in court and using their office contrary to the provisions of the Lawyers and conveyancers rules .

In the process of suing me they used dirty  tactics because  facts and evidence would not have won it for them . I have reason to believe that that  also worked  covertly on my marriage and ensured that  my 23 years marriage and my family was destroyed.   The lawyer who represented me was later found to be incompetent  and I  very much suspect he was working for the other side . So I lost ,  no way of winning when you have  a lawyer who the law society acknowledged as being incompetent and for whom judges had no respect .

All in all this created a massive miscarriage of justice   and one which I physically paid out well  over $300,000  for and   find it impossible to quantify the lost   hours of work, health    stress etc.

Brookfields, on  behalf of whom Vivienne Wright at the time,(previously Vivienne  Parr   now Vivienne Holm)  , took instructions from the fictional AWINZ  tried to liquidate my company and succeeded    until I found out that they  had  filed a false affidavit of service  and the whole thing was reversed.

So now 10 years  down the track and after having held  many  practicing certificates Vivienne  wants a different type of practicing certificate   because she is going to work  for Paul Cavanagh  who   retired exactly a year ago  .

Vivienne “ believes “   that she   already had her application in .  I am sure that she did not.( this is based on my concurrent records  )

I believe that  my post is   totally accurate  and that the fact  of   the date of her application for a  practicing certificate is   just a teensy weensy  bit  trivial compared to the  years of suffering which I and my family  have had to endure.

The good news is that I am happy to  work with  any one  who helps put things right . When the AWINZ matter has been addressed  and is history I can take down all the posts  but while the injustice   exists it requires exposure  of the fact  and   the facts will remain in the public realm

I cannot understand why she claims that  she   cannot get a practicing certificate on this occasion   , the  email you sent is dated 19 September 2016    and states that she  has held a practicing certificate  from April 2015 to the present .

Practicing certificates  renew at the end of June ,  The law society have just informed me that she does not currently hold a  practicing certificate, her last one expired 25 November  2016, it appears that that is the date when she left the MSD

My internet search reveals that  Paul Cavanagh QC  retired a year ago .

It would appear that Vivienne Holm  now wants to work in public practice again , as such she will  become an officer of the high court   and according to section 4 of the  Lawyers and conveyancers act will  have an  obligation to uphold the rule of law and to facilitate the administration of justice in New Zealand:

She may  wish to  help address the  AWINZ injustice ,  once that  has been sorted I can look at removing / altering  blogs .

I do find it amusing perhaps coincidental perhaps not , that  she was  employed by MSD   until 25 November where Malcolm North  who has been harassing me, by email   also works.

But getting back to Vivienne    I am happy to   remove  anything minor when  a greater injustice has been resolved, she only needs to contact me  and help me    right the wrongs  of the past  that she was instrumental in in  kicking off .      A person with integrity   would  see  that an as officer of the court  Vivienne  would  have an overriding obligation  to  justice  and if she cannot how integrity in   putting the past right  then she should not be asking me  to change factual information .

In the interest of transparency  I will be publishing this on

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I do believe in Justice, I do, I do

We have laws for a reason, do we not?  Legal documents are written up they way they are to protect parties from deceit and wrongdoing.  Or so I thought anyway.

I had an agreement for sale and purchase on my house and there was a clause written into which read:


This clause is added to protect the purchaser.  I am happy for this report to carried out, I know my house has no major issues, and no problems with leaks, the roof is all good.  It is insulated in the ceiling and under the floor.  It has some minor issues, just like every house does.  So I’m all good for “a Registered Master Builder, Building Certifier or other qualified specialist” to inspect my house.  As it turns out, the clause is also there to protect the vendor.  I expect the specialist report will look something like this (click link below).

Instead this is the report from the “specialist” that I discover has been accepted by the prospective purchasers:


…and all this is as an itemised account of what the so called “specialist” thinks inside his mental brain.  He has undertaken no investigation, he has not gone underneath my house and inspected the foundations, but he has estimated $5-$10K for remedy, he has guessed that the laundry floor has water damage, because the lino is lifted.  In fact I had the laundry/toilet floor replaced with ply board, after my cylinder collapsed a couple of years back.  He states the “particle board” has water damage.  Well hello, guess work is unacceptable for a building report…a proper one that is!  He says my roller sliding door has expired (whatever that is)!  I presume he is talking about my garage door… and dah it has not expired.  It is all in working order, I don’t have it plugged it though, perhaps that is what he means.

On we go… he says my cladding “wood composite perviese (I don’t know what that word is) to moisture problems with product claims lodged in past”  Can anyone tell me if fibro planking has issues.  I googled it and I can’t find any.  All I can find is that at one time prior to 1981, it contained asbestos.  But my house was built in 1988 so my fibro doesn’t contain asbestos and I have never had moisture problems with my fibro either.  Thank you Chris Baker for your wise words of wisdom.  You amaze me – well and truly.

“light fittings require attention”.  Yes I had agreed with the prospective purchasers to remedy this.

Although Chris Baker, did not investigate issues, which he should have perhaps investigated before reporting on them, he did indeed take it upon himself to investigate my hot water cylinder.  He took it apart in order to check out the state of the element!  I never, at any time, gave him permission to do this!  His advice was the “element was corroded and would need replacing”.  You will note in the example report, that a building inspection is only “visual”, it does not include dismantling the house owners fixed appliances!

What is fact (not fiction like his report), is that before I installed a 25,000 litre water tank, I was going through elements every 8 months.  This particular element has been in there for over 3 years (and includes when I was still on town supply), so could be due for replacement.

…and while on the electrical issue, what do I even say about him quoting $3,500 for power to the garage?  Our local qualified electrican, estimated $500 with the trench dug (by my boys).  Does it cost $3,000 to dig a trench 5m long and 350 deep?  I don’t know??  You tell me!

Chris Baker, your report is a load of utter nonsense!  I hope you never do this to anyone again.  I will just leave it in the hands of Licensed Building Practitioners Board.  Your clients stand by you and you have convinced them thoroughly, so with that, you will have to live.  I have written to you twice, seeking evidence of your qualifications, both in building and electrical, I am still waiting…

The costs he has mentioned here amount to approximately $16,500 and that does not include the issues, he has left wide open like the laundry floor, and the roller sliding door (which doesn’t need repair at all).  Would you be happy with this?  Would you be jumping for joy because you lost your sale at the hands of this “specialist builder”, who guestimates what he concocts in his head?  I’m not.  I think he knows that now.

All and all, I am appalled by this completely unprofessional report on my property!  I simply cannot fathom, that the prospective purchasers had so little disregard for my integrity and believed the advice of a cowboy!  Which in my opinion, is exactly and literally what he is and exactly why a specialist report is obtained.

My advice to anyone selling their property, is be home when the “specialist” calls.  Check out his credentials (in this case it is crudentials) and ascertain that your purchasers are not employing some cowboy/story teller, and that they adhere to the signed agreement.  I did not agree to let any old person, who says he is a specialist/builder, into my home and pull it apart.

PS I have checked with LBP and Master Builders, and he is not either.  Neither is he registered as an electrician…what is he?  You decide!

I believe in justice.  In my opinion, having someone, such as Chris Baker of Bakersfield Ltd, act so unprofessionally, irrationally and destructively is not justice, it’s nothing like it and it most certainly is not what I signed up for.

Any contractor entering someone else’s home, needs to show a little more respect than this!  It is my home and I have lived there for nine years.  I know it better than any would be, if he could be super builder!

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How do we stop this violence?

New Zealand has become a country of one violent offence after another, after another!  The question on my lips, is what is being done about it and how are we going to stop it?  Take a look at the young thug in the below articles!

He is a violent abuser and I am picking this is not the first time he has assaulted someone is this manner, prior to being arrested in this matter.  Do these people think that it is okay, that they can afflict serious harm on other people including women, (weak bastard) and get away with it.  From where I am sitting that is exactly what they think, and there is no disincentive not to bash someone, if they so feel like it!

Now here is one thing I understand, perhaps they were bought up in a violent environment and they are merely acting out on what they have seen.  The message needs to go out there that it is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE to behave in this manner.  Now I have voiced my opinion of some Judges in this country on a number of occasions, so I have no qualms in stating once again that their behaviour is so too, UNACCEPTABLESome Judges need their bloody heads read!  Money and prestige should never never never be regarded over and above the law.  It makes me wonder just what sort of club or organisations these Judges are involved in when it comes to making calls such as in these articles.

In the above cases, the victims are taking the matter to a higher level!  Well how absolutely ludicrous is that?!  They shouldn’t need to!

We all need to band together and let these violent scum bags and Judges (who are behaving just as cowardly and stupidly) know that we are not going to tolerate this disgusting behaviour and that they CANNOT and WILL NOT get away with it.  What the heck is wrong with our justice system?  Well for starters:

  1. we need to know that the Police will act;
  2. it needs to be identified whether the violent offender has acted alone or whether they are part of some bigger syndicate of dickheads;
  3. if they are involved in some bigger syndicate of dickheads, they need to be put away separately to them or remanded in custody, so that they cannot continue to threaten with the backing of their cowardly pussies.
  4. we need an efficient and knowledgeable prosecution team;
  5. and last but not least we need competent Judges, not merely lawyers with black gowns on who have been elected there by members of the old  boys club!

I am currently witnessing the birth of a gang who are nothing but a cowardly bunch of youths who are causing havoc and are behaving violently everywhere they go and who are continuing to get away with the behaviour!  They need calling out and the matter needs dealing with.  Do we have measures and systems in place to deal with these antisocial, cowardly little assailants who think they are tough, so tough they smash girls?  I certainly hope so, because if I have anything to do with it they are not getting away with it!  Will I go to the Police time after time, Yip I will!  Will I publish their names, so even when they are done with the Courts, they can be searched on the internet and found out for what they have done, by future employers, girlfriends or whoever.  Yip I’ll do that!  I’ve done it before and I will do it again!  Ask Mike Downey!



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