How do we stop this violence?

New Zealand has become a country of one violent offence after another, after another!  The question on my lips, is what is being done about it and how are we going to stop it?  Take a look at the young thug in the below articles!

He is a violent abuser and I am picking this is not the first time he has assaulted someone is this manner, prior to being arrested in this matter.  Do these people think that it is okay, that they can afflict serious harm on other people including women, (weak bastard) and get away with it.  From where I am sitting that is exactly what they think, and there is no disincentive not to bash someone, if they so feel like it!

Now here is one thing I understand, perhaps they were bought up in a violent environment and they are merely acting out on what they have seen.  The message needs to go out there that it is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE to behave in this manner.  Now I have voiced my opinion of some Judges in this country on a number of occasions, so I have no qualms in stating once again that their behaviour is so too, UNACCEPTABLESome Judges need their bloody heads read!  Money and prestige should never never never be regarded over and above the law.  It makes me wonder just what sort of club or organisations these Judges are involved in when it comes to making calls such as in these articles.

In the above cases, the victims are taking the matter to a higher level!  Well how absolutely ludicrous is that?!  They shouldn’t need to!

We all need to band together and let these violent scum bags and Judges (who are behaving just as cowardly and stupidly) know that we are not going to tolerate this disgusting behaviour and that they CANNOT and WILL NOT get away with it.  What the heck is wrong with our justice system?  Well for starters:

  1. we need to know that the Police will act;
  2. it needs to be identified whether the violent offender has acted alone or whether they are part of some bigger syndicate of dickheads;
  3. if they are involved in some bigger syndicate of dickheads, they need to be put away separately to them or remanded in custody, so that they cannot continue to threaten with the backing of their cowardly pussies.
  4. we need an efficient and knowledgeable prosecution team;
  5. and last but not least we need competent Judges, not merely lawyers with black gowns on who have been elected there by members of the old  boys club!

I am currently witnessing the birth of a gang who are nothing but a cowardly bunch of youths who are causing havoc and are behaving violently everywhere they go and who are continuing to get away with the behaviour!  They need calling out and the matter needs dealing with.  Do we have measures and systems in place to deal with these antisocial, cowardly little assailants who think they are tough, so tough they smash girls?  I certainly hope so, because if I have anything to do with it they are not getting away with it!  Will I go to the Police time after time, Yip I will!  Will I publish their names, so even when they are done with the Courts, they can be searched on the internet and found out for what they have done, by future employers, girlfriends or whoever.  Yip I’ll do that!  I’ve done it before and I will do it again!  So you little needle dicks.  Go near my kids or their friends and you have given yourself a life sentence.  Ask Mike Downey!



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The childhood glow within, exists, remains;

Dancing, singing, running free;

energy, potential bubbling and brimming;

The young seasons into spring;

She unites, increases;

Years cascade and bubbles fade, the flute draws empty;

Autumn battles arise out from the dark, the Queen is ready;

War is fierce, she stands rock edge steady;

Flaming back arrows knock her to the ground;

Determination and Truth lift her back upon her feet ;

She roars to the East and purrs with the West

Balanced and poised, she treads with precision.

Take her or leave her, her true fire is never dimming.

by Rochelle Mckelvie

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Minister of Justice & Courts Endorses Crime!

Honestly, I really couldn’t be anymore disappointed or let down by our Government who have thrown New Zealand citizens to the wolves (literally)!  Anyone in the legal professional knows, very well, how difficult it is to get a perjury ruling on an affidavit!  It is actually dam near impossible!  When I put to the Court that I was nowhere near where Mike Downey (Legal Document Server) of Auckland/Dargaville (wherever) swore to serving me, the Judge said “the documents can be served by registered post”.  Our legal system is so far up the shoot it isn’t funny.  Court document service is how a person is informed there is proceedings against them, yet it is left wide open for CRIMINALS to be in the position of this VITAL role.  Thank you Minister, I can see how you have “justice and “our courts” all under control.  The Minister’s reply to my open letter is attached.  It’s sickening… Downey (criminal extraodinaire) carry on with your good work in legal document “service” you are endorsed by the Minister!


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How good is this?


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June 7, 2016 · 2:55 am

Open Letter to Minister of Justice & Courts: Mike Downey – Back in Business

18 May 2016

Dear Minister, Honourable Amy Adams

As you may remember, I have written to you and the former Minister, Chester Borrows on numerous occasions regarding document service and the complete lack of protection that New Zealanders have, at law, in this regard.  As a New Zealand citizen who has been severely affected by non service, I remain deeply concerned that there has been no change in legislation in respect to the laws (or should I say, lack of laws, because there are none) surrounding document service, in particular, Court document service.

I believe you will also be aware, due to my notifying you on multiple occasions, that Mike Downey (a criminal with approx 30 dishonesty related convictions) was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment because he lied in two respective false affidavits that he served me with documents when he did not.  As you know very well, Court document service is how a person is informed that Court proceedings have been issued against them.  It is law that an application must be personally served.

I attach a PDF flyer Flyer 1 that Mike Downey is distributing, which strongly suggests that he is attempting to drum up business in document service!  His 25 years experience in document service belies him!  I also attach an email dated 13 May 2016 which Downey has sent out to “potential clients” (although I will not publish that on this website to protect the recipients).

Minister, Downey went to prison, because he is a liar (a perjurer) and did not serve.  There are no laws preventing him from “serving” Court (or any) documents and innocent people are going to continue to be conned and have crime committed against them because our legislators are not doing their job!  I have said it before, and I will say it again – New Zealand needs laws regulating document servers, especially in regard to Court documentation!  Criminals in this role is criminal and absolutely unacceptable!  If it is submissions you require, I am more than happy to assist with that.

Thank you, for your attention to this matter.

Yours faithfully

Rochelle Mckelvie


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Translegal Services NZ Ltd t/a Translegal

Or is that “TRANSLEGAL t/a TRANSLEGAL SERVICES NZ LIMITED???  Seems to me to there is some sort of identity crisis within that Company ??

Well it appears Translegal have taken their letter of apology to Verisure Investigations off their website.  It doesn’t alter the fact that that Company did not effect service on them and did not serve me either, but had their respective contractor/s (Tony Parker and Mike Downey) lie and swear that they did in respective affidavits.  So I’ll just pop the apology letter on my website.  I am still awaiting an apology for Translegal’s transgressions in the case of their lying, repeatedly dishonest, CRIMINAL  “Legal Document Server”, Mike Downey, who swore not one, but two false affidavits that he served me, when of course, he did not!  He was convicted and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment in the Dargaville District Court for this crime.  Be sure your sins will not just disappear Translegal!

Translegal – Letter of Apology

Apology Translegal

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Move on and put it all behind…

This outcome is all that I hoped for:

minute 27 May 2015However, John Robertson director of Hauraki Gulf Law Ltd, received no penalty for adducing false evidence to Court and condoning and utilising crime!  In my view, misleading the court is perverting justice.

Cost is not an issue to the Court, but what about the hour upon hour I spent working on my court documentation in my plight to prove to the Court that the applicants, their “deponents” namely Michael Downey, contractor to Translegal Services NZ Ltd and others, were complete liars (perjurers) and the type of people who did/do not care about the consequences of committing such crimes in Court.  Prison, where Downey currently resides, is the only outcome for him – although the lawyers and the applicants are also just as guilty as him.  There is no Judgment, so all the corruption which happened through court process and was submitted to the Court by the lawyers at Hauraki Gulf Law, is hidden from view.  That is how it works folks.

Cost is immeasurable in my mind.  The stress, anxiety and trauma that blatant perjury caused me, do not have a price tag!  So thank you Mr Robertson (or should I say Dr), you are a “good” lawyer!  You have shown me you know just how to get away with crime inside a system which also allows and condones it.  I believe this is “How to get away with Murder”.  It certainly makes me wonder just how many people have been killed by the stress that lawyers, who act like Robertson,  have caused them!  I will never forget how my health suffered as a result of the trauma that was inflicted on me by John Robertson and his team.  Again, well done John!

To my knowledge, Court have not held the lawyer/s accountable, and the New Zealand Law Society only act in its members interests.  All in a days work…

Two years, eight months and twenty seven days after initial court proceedings were issued against me, I see the outcome that I desired.  I should count myself lucky – that I am not bound by some Court Order thats very nature was nothing but ridiculous and preposterous from the outset!  It intended to remove my right to parent as so described in section 5b of COCA.

In the realm of legal beagles I have seen those who utilise the law for what it is intended and I applaud them for adhering to values. Thank you Julie and thank you Judge Davis.  I have also seen those who are blinded by a false sense of “law” and whom are won over by absolute deceit, spewed out by lawyers who are the worst actors I have ever seen!  Who am I to judge a judge and who is a judge to award costs against and judge me?

Out in the real world, the rules of nature prevail.  In a family/civil court room, I have observed that the rules are abnormal, outdated and twisted.  What applies to one, does not apply to all.  I was hammered, the lawyers were believed, I followed the rules, the lawyers for the other party, continually abused and broke the rules because they knew just how to get away it!  Tricks and treachery – all part of the job!

At the end of the day, the outcome is all that I knew and held to be just.  How I arrived at this place, was the greatest learning curve of my life.

“JUSTICE” I believe it is worth fighting for… the cost, the jury is still out on that…

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